Imaginal Alchemy Retreat, From  Wednesday May 30 to Tuesday, June 5, 2018 Titignano, Orvieto, Italy.

 Selene Calloni Williams


A Call for Awakening

From  Wednesday May 30, 2018  to Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Titignano, Orvieto, Italy.

Until Arpril 1, 2018 the registration price will be € 500.00

After April 1, 2018 the registration price will be € 600.00




The Imaginal” Alchemy Retreat (IAR) is a unique experience that will provide six days of full immersion in the alchemical and shamanic world of Selene Calloni Williams.

You will practice her disciplines in an environment that can help you to make the journey to reconnect with your Soul, and a wide number of people will be there to share the same dream. You will experience incredible rituals in nature, dances and music linked up to the Imaginal” World. You will have the greatest experience ever reconnecting with your Soul.

A fulfilling joy inside you, this is your goal!

Being an Imaginalist” means overcoming your Ego, with the power of Love!

All the greatest men and women in our history were Imaginalist” whether or not they were aware of it.

The Imaginalist” is a magician, a poet and a shaman. He is a pure creative Being.

Being an Imaginalist” and Alchemist is a subtle art, and you can learn how to do it.

The Imaginal” vision will give you the key for a rebirth to a pure and magical existence.

You will learn how to definitively overcome the most challenging struggles of your life.

The Imaginal” vision will be your strong tool to keep life flowing, to love, to attain joy and to blossom in new abundance, sharing all this with others.

This is a useful method. It will bring about real change in your life, letting you develop an expanded vision of your true self. In this way, if you have a vision, you can make it real.

The Symbol-Imaginal” method is like a seed.  The seeds-images penetrate you, like seeds in the ground, hatching in your deepness and what will arise are new extraordinary worlds, and the energies to reach them.

When it is rains the Imaginalist/Alchemist” enjoys the rain when the common people simply get wet. The Imaginalist knows how to make an alchemical artifact of every moment of his life. He magically turns sadness, failure, guilt and defeat into his strength and abundance.

Living as an Imaginalist” is easier than you might expect.

You may work on 3 steps: 

STEP1. The Imaginalist” recognizes and accepts all things as a dream, an image, an appearance and ceases to be a victim of the events.

STEP2. He recognizes and accepts that all the images are Eidola, Simulacra and symbols, which are pure Spirit.

STEP3. The Imaginalist” learns how to perceive the presence of the Spirits, the Gods, the Numens and the forces inside the events, he learns how to talk to them and pacify them.

The Imaginalist/Alchemists” power is the ability to feel and perceive the invisible world. He knows it is there, he enters a loving relationship with the invisible world, sustaining it and building a strong alliance.

In our world we ask, who wants to be an artist? who wants to become rich? who wants to become a parent? But, in the Imaginalist world all things are created by images. If there is not the image, the experiences of success, richness, and parenthood are simply impossible.

The Imaginalist, as a shaman, calms down the ireful and disrupted images. He has a relationship with the images his Soul loves, we can say that he enjoys the Godfavour.

The only way to be loved by the Universe is to have a strong will of Love and love every image.

Join us dear fellows.  Come to Titignano to celebrate the greatest and most effective retreat in Europe.

You will meet exceptional people, entrepreneurs, successful artists that have been applying the Symbol/Imaginal” method for a long time.  You will find novices also and, of course, Selene Calloni Williams

You will learn how to wake up early in the morning and build your future success in the wee hours of the morning. So, when ordinary people are still sleeping, you will be attaining worthwhile results. And, you will be astonished what great energy you will receive.

You will learn how to forgive the past events, to pacify your ancestors.  You will learn about your past lives and your organs, and how to heal the Spirits and Gods, which are part of your real self.

You will learn the secret key to have no fear, the subtle art of the mind projections withdrawal” and, eventually, how to knowingly make choices. 

You will deeply experience Shamanic Eros and Poetry.

You will acquire knowledge of rituals which you will effectively use in your daily life

Dear fellows come to Titignano and experience The Imaginal Alchemy Retreat, because life is now, life is yours and you only live it once.


The retreat is for those who are no longer satisfied with their lives. For those who clearly see that joy is a core value in life and feel arising in his heart the unstoppable will to rebel against the triviality of all social/cultural systems.


Novices: Those who want to begin the intense path of personal growth.

Insiders:  Yoga practitioners and teachers, counsellors, therapists and holistic operators. They will have more than a taste of the Imaginal Techniques. For the insiders we provide special offers and reserved paths.


During the retreat you will master the following topics

1. Imaginal psycho-genealogy and family constellations” with an imaginal approach.
2. Imaginal Mindfulness.
3. Imaginal Counseling.
4. Shamanic Integral Yoga.
5. Mather Mantra.
6. NAT cards.

If you dont know the Imaginal vision and the practices, the shamanic Yoga and the meditation, this is the perfect occasion to be introduced to the techniques.

You could have a transformative experience, in an incredible location, surrounded by nature and in the company of people who share your interests.

There is more! If you play any portable music instrument, you can bring it with you. Remember to report it in the subscription schedule.


The retreat will take place from Wednesday, May 30, 2018 to Tuesday, June 5, 2018. The specific hours are: from 2pm on Wednesday to Noon on Tuesday.

The designated location will be the Titignanos Castle.

Participants enrollment will be on Tuesday, May 30, 2018 at Noon.


Titignanos Castle was built by Farolfo from Montemarte, in the 937ad. The Montemartes family, from France, followed Ludovico II King of France.

Ownership of the ancient building was long disputed between the Guelph Orvieto and the Ghibelline Todi. Later between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it was transformed into a large building with a small village that constitutes its court.  In 1830 Prince Don Tommaso di Filippo Corsini of Florence bought it at a candlelit auction from the Papal State which had confiscated it from the Montemarte family. 

The current heirs are the Marchesa Eleonora and the Marquis Giovanni Incisa della Rocchetta, owners also of the Tenuta di Salviano that together with the Castle of Titignano make up a single farm of two thousand hectares,

From the most recent restructuring of the village, keeping unchanged its architectural features, new rooms and apartments have been created. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, modern services and furnished in a comfortable and welcoming way. 

The place is surrounded by unspoiled nature, nestled in the middle of a forest overlooking the lake of Corbara and consists of a large castle,  a charming restaurant and bar, a central square surrounded by small buildings and a small chapel.

The village has now become a retreat facility with all the necessary comforts including a large swimming pool. It is unique and for this reason it is often used for retreats and meditative meetings.


The rooms available in the Titignanos structure are limited.  It is advisable to book the accommodations well in advance.

There will also be an area available for a small number of participants who prefer to sleep in tents.

  • Single: € 700.00
  • Double: € 500.00
  • 3-4 people: € 450.00
  • 5-6- people: € 400.00
  • Tent: € 300.00

NB Prices are inclusive of food and lodging per person for the entire duration of the retreat.


Selene Calloni Williams is a writer, traveler and documentary writer. She is the author of numerous books and documentaries about psychology and deep ecology, shamanism, yoga, philosophy and anthropology.

Her training and experiences range from Eastern to Western philisophies. In the East, and in Sri Lanka, Selene studied and practiced Theravada Buddhist meditation for several years. Back in Europe, she studied psychology and obtained a master’s degree in screenwriting from Napier University in Edinburgh. 

She then met the famous psychoanalyst James Hillman who initiated her in the alchemical world of deep psychology and imaginal vision.

The possibility of embracing Eastern and Western teachings is very precious because it allows translation of the Eastern message in ways adapted to the reception modalities of the psyche of the Westerners, who undoubtedly have a Western imaginal tradition.

Selene Calloni Williams is the initiator of the “symbol-imaginal method” or “Imaginal approach” and of the Italian-Swiss school of Imaginalists. The Imaginal approach is applied to various techniques and disciplines, within the professions, based on the helping relationship and in the field of personal growth.

For example, Imaginal Mindfulness, Imaginal Psycho-genealogy, Imaginal Constellations, Imaginal Regression, etc. The imaginal approach is characterized by the fact that it does not start from the ego and does not aim to reinforce the structures of the ego, but follows the path of “making soul”, represented by the capacity to dematerialize and depersonalize the real.

Selene Calloni Williams is an international speaker. She has participated in numerous conferences and congresses alongside great personalities such as James Hillman, Raimon Panikkar, Karan Sing. She was called as a keynote speaker at various universities (University of Varese, University of Padua, etc.). But her most obvious resource is certainly creativity, the ability to create new visions and to share them.

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